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Who does and doesn't support Biker's rights

An Open Letter to Tony Corcoran and all Legislators who think that Freedom in America is unimportant to it's Citizens

Dear Representative Corcoran,

I wonder if you recall sending me this letter in response to our disgust at your vetoing HB2454 last session..

Frank and Jan,

I hope your letter is a joke. If this is your only issue, the whole state is in trouble. I have some biker constituents, and they're not turning their back on me simply because we disagree on one issue. If everyone thought like that, we'd all be in a world of hurt.

                                                                                                                Tony Corcoran

Contrary to the opinions you expressed in your letter, I suspect that you aren't going to be seeing much in the way of Motorcyclist support for your bid for the District 22 Senate seat this year.  Bob Kintigh, a strong supporter of Motorcyclists rights has hand picked Norm Thomas to be his successor.  BikePAC is expected to endorse Cleve Dumdi in the near future.  Because of the dastardly "back door" politicking done by the Democratic Party in an attempt to keep HB2454 from reaching the Governor's desk, a large number of your "Biker Consituents" have changed affiliation to the Republican Party.  You and some of your fellow Democrats may have thought that Motorcyclists are a "minority" group that can be ignored with impunity.  We'll see if that is true.  In fact, many Bikers are Vietnam Veterans, Home Owners, Hard working Professionals and for the most part are the salt of the Earth who take the principles of freedom in America very literally and seriously.  It will be our pleasure to work hard to replace Legislators like yourself with folks who believe, as we do, that Government has no business mandating it's will upon the Citizens they were elected to serve.  I hope the support that you received from big business for selling out your Countrymen was worth it to you.  Hopefully, come Biker days 1999, we won't be seeing you in the State Capitol.


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