A surprised Legislator

doesn't understand how important freedom is

One Legislator's response to a letter indicating that we will be working to replace Law Makers who voted against us with Candidates who embrace the concept that American Citizens should be free to make their own choices:

At 11:03 AM 6/9/97 -0400, [Rep. Tony Cocoran, D - Cottage Grove] wrote:


I hope your letter is a joke. If this is your only issue, the whole state is in trouble. I have some biker constituents, and they're not turning their back on me simply because we disagree on one issue. If everyone thought like that, we'd all be in a world of hurt. Tony Corcoran

The Easyrider (tm) responds:

Dear Representative Corcoran,

Our letter most certainly was not a joke. In fact, the sentiments expressed in it echo the mindset of tens of thousands of Motorcyclists and ABATE Members Nationwide.

Demanding freedom may appear to some to be a "single issue", but it is a single issue that was important enough to our Forefathers to fight England for our independence.

America was built on the concept that all Citizens should be free from Government meddling in their daily lives. That concept has been forgotten by many Law Makers. This is a wake up call to those in the Legislature who feel that Government has a right to monitor and control the lives of it's Citizens.

Mandatory helmet laws are an icon that displays Government's contempt for it's people. The notion that Adult Americans must not be allowed to make their own choices is unacceptable to us.

Expect to see many Oregonians actively working to unseat anti choice Legislators and replace them with Candidates who feel, as we do, that the People do not exist to do the will of Government but that Government exists to do the will of the People.

Your Biker Constituents may not (yet) be aware that you voted against Pro choice, which is why I have published the Legislature's voting record at http://www.easyrider/repvote.htm and have registered this page with all of the popular Internet search engines. I will also be visiting the Springfield ABATE Chapter meeting to discuss the performance of their Legislators.

There are always consequences to the decisions we make. We wonder how many Constituents you have pleased by voting against freedom of choice. We wonder how many Constituents approved of the dastardly back-room politics that forced Senator Mae Yih to withdraw her support for HB2454 after she went on record as being a Co-Sponsor.

Oregon will do quite well, we think, without legislators like this representing us.


The Easyrider (and a lot of others..)
Portland, Oregon

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