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UNIX and NOC design career resume summary:

Home-based in Portland, Oregon but I will go anywhere, any time, to design and build your HP Openview, BMC Patrol, IBM Tivoli, CA Computer Associates Unicenter, Micromuse, Microsoft MOM, SunNet Manager, Optivity, etc. Network Operations Center (NOC). And I don't just install and configure these monitoring software products.... I build comprehensive, proactive, enterprise monitoring environments and Network Operations Centers (NOC)!

There are lots of so-called "NOC Consultants" out there who will sell and install Vendor monitoring software. Don't be fooled even if they have a flashy web site and "offices" all over the world. Their claims of building NOCs since 1992 will be highly overstated to say the least. Most of these outfits are just a couple of guys in Bangalore somewhere. And most of them didn't know what a flush toilet was in 1992 much less how to build a NOC!

Have a look at this page for details on how Easyrider LAN Pro is very different from the other guys.

But first... Now that you've found me, why not bookmark this page or e-mail me right away! The solution to your network monitoring and NOC design problems is now within easy reach. You just have to take the first step and contact us.

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Need some UNIX Systems Engineering or Systems Administration help?

I have over 40 years of computer, networking, electronics and broadcast radio experience with extensive exposure to customers in field engineering and IT environments.  My solid, proven project management background as well as headcount and P&L management experience has taken me around the globe to resolve technical problems and customer issues. 

My most recent work has been in a network and systems engineering capacity, designing, implementing and managing Remote Management Systems and Network Operations Centers (NOC). I have over 25 years of experience managing UNIX servers (Sun Solaris, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, etc.) and networking infrastructure in a high availability, production environment.

I was born with a soldering iron in my hand..... My systems support experience pre-dates the creation of the full screen editor, Microsoft Corporation, Windows and DOS, even the invention of the microprocessor..... and the disk drive, just to name a few.

My UNIX experience pre-dates the creation of Sun Microsystems.

My networking experience predates the founding of Cisco Systems, the creation of the DARPA Internet, web browsers, DNS, bridges, routers, ethernet, the 1200 baud modem and most of the common capabilities that we take for granted today.


Background includes very heavy LAN WAN network engineering experience.  Extensive project and people management experience.  Software QA background.  Strong systems installation, integration, troubleshooting and support background in an IT and Field Engineering environment.  Very strong network security background includes security audits, defining "best practices", IDS systems, firewalls and dealing with denial of service (DoS), hack attempts, brute force attacks and so on. Experienced Network Operations Center (NOC) design development Architect using BMC Patrol, HP Openview Operations and NNM, IBM Tivoli and other high end monitoring software products.


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