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Being politically correct don't get it done

It's Presidential Election time again... and what a herd of scary characters we have as candidates this time!....

FUNDAMENTAL BELIEF: I strongly disagree with mandatory motorcycle helmet laws and everything that they represent.

I happen to live in the Peoples Republic of Oregon where they never saw a tax they didn't like or a right that they didn't mind taking away (from the other guy). This is a place where people demand the right to murder unborn children calling it being "pro-choice". But these same "Liberals" don't get the whole "Let those who Ride decide" concept. These same "Pro choice" nitwits are adamantly opposed to allowing adult Motorcyclists to choose what safety equipment they want to wear. Coming from New Hampshire, where the State motto is "live free or die" I found the attitudes here in the PRO to be quite a culture shock. Oregon is hypocrite Heaven. No doubt....

Another interesting attitude here in "Liberal thinking Mecca"... there is utter contempt for "wealthy" people and "big business". In the PRO, wealthy=anyone who has a job and/or anyone who has more money than you do. "Big business" can mean just about any company. I've lived here for 20 years and for the entire time I've been here, the PRO has been openly hostile towards business and anyone who earns more than $50k a year. It is totally PC in Oregon to become absolutely gleeful about any situation where a "wealthy" Oregonian gets screwed by business or government.

The Liberal scumbags here in the PRO just love labels. I happen to have a dual distinction here since I am both a "Wealthy Oregonian (I work for a living) and a "social burden" (I ride a motorcycle). You'll hear a lot of lip service here about how Oregonians are "open minded" and "tolerant". But this is only true if you agree with everything that they believe and if your speech is packed with PC jargon. In fact, you'd have to search far and wide to find people who are more ignorant, closed minded, arrogant, self centered and hedonistic than they are here in the PRO.

Needless to say most people here have no concept about the Bill of Rights. When terrorists attacked our Country on 9/11, most Oregonians wanted to send teddy bears and apologies to Osama Bin Ladin instead of missles. I seriously doubt that anyone here in the PRO had friends or family in the WTC when it was attacked. When a home owner here shoots a burglar in his home, you'll see dozens of letters to the editor offering to bake cookies for the poor underpriviliged crook who was visiously attacked while he was "just trying to survive".

To some degree, the Liberal Commies here in the PRO have been successful in driving businesses away to other States or even other Countries. Many of the working families here in Portland have been replaced by Retirees from California who cashed in their real estate equity to move here. Of course the obvious by-product of all of this is a vastly reduced tax base. Most of the Commies here still haven't figured it out yet and are on a never ending mission to increase taxes for the shrinking base that is still paying them. These "Liberals" could stand to take a few courses in basic economics....or play SIM City for a while.

Portland to Eugene, 90 miles that I call the "Commie Corridor" is probably the most anti-American area in the U.S.A. It makes me sick to listen to these people. Vancouver, B.C. is only a couple of hundred miles away. Most of the people who live here would just love it up there and I'm sure Canada would be very happy to have them living there. Good riddence.

OPINION 1: Government is seldom the solution to anything. Government does, however, almost always figure prominently as part of the problem.

OPINION 2: The "Welfare State" should cease to exist.

If able bodied people choose not to work, then they should starve. The small number of "real" hardship cases should be taken care of by private charties. "Welfare" programs should be for people who are truly down and out and should only be paid for several months (not decades).

OPINION 3: Professional criminals should be removed from society

People who persist in violent criminal activity should not be allowed back into society to continue to harm innocent people. Once it becomes apparent that a person is unwilling to live in a lawful manner, they should be executed. Of course, this presumes that an honest and ethical justice system is in place to ensure that only guilty people are convicted of crimes. IMO, this is not currently the case

OPINION 4: Most drugs should be decriminalized.

The so-called "war on drugs" is not working.

OPINION 5: There must be consequences for the flagrent disregard of others

People who are caught driving under the influence should receive very severe punishment (e.g. 3 Months in Prison, loss of license for several years, etc.). Ditto for those whose drug/alcohol use is determined to be the cause of a fatal accident.

OPINION 6: People in power must honor their role in society

Police and Public Officials need to be held to a higher standard of ethics than the Public. This means very severe penelties for corruption and inappropriate behavior.

OPINION 7: The power to govern must be returned to the people

OPINION 8: So-called Affirmative action and equal employment opportunity are mutually exclusive concepts. Blacks, females, Gays and one armed albino Eskimos should all be required to compete equally. If everyone isn't equal, then no one is equal.

OPINION 9: I favor contraception over abortion.  Freedom of choice is not about being too lazy to stock up on condoms.

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