2002 Oregon Election Information
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Who does and doesn't support freedom of choice in America


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* * * Key Election * * *
District 1
Unsupportive Incumbent
Astoria area

Jackie Taylor (D) does not have our recommendation. She has consistently voted against Motorcyclists rights bills in the past.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Sam Patrick (R). LOST Mr. Patrick is a retired Peace Officer.  Because of his work at accident scenes, he feels that wearing helmets provide some measure of safety against long lasting head injuries and that they save lives.  Mr. Patrick stated that he supports requiring Helmet usage, but goes on to say, "But if in some way adult riders or their families could and would accept the responsibility, both legally and financially, for any head injuries I could accept ending the helmet requirement. but I would have to be convinced that riders could not fall back on public funds for medical treatment.".  Not our ideal Candidate but certainly more palatable than his Opponent.


District 2
Bay City area

Elaine Hopson (D). Opposes any changes to the existing mandatory helmet law
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Scott Bushnell (R). LOST Mr. Bushnell is an endorsed Motorcyclists who wears a helmet, by choice, when riding off road.  Mr. Bushnell does not like to wear a helmet in traffic because it restricts his sight and hearing.  Mr. Bushnell would vote to repeal the mandatory helmety law for Adult Riders.  Click HERE to view Mr. Bushnell's homepage.


District 3
Hillsboro area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Bruce Starr (R) , Son of Rep. Charles Starr receives our very enthusiastic recommendation!  Bruce is very strong on 2nd amendment rights and on freedom issues generally.  He is rated "A" by the NRA (his Father Charles is rated "A+").  Mr. Starr is a top notch Legislator.
Larry Landauer (D). Mr. Landauer is an endorsed Motorcyclist who wears a helmet out of choice.  Mr. Landauer opposes Government intervention into personal decisions that we make on a daily basis.  Mr. Landauer would vote for mandatory helmet law repeal.  Because of Charles Starr's solid and consistent support for motorcycle rights and because his Son Bruce has committed to following in his Father's footsteps, we must support Mr. Landauer's Opponent in this race.  It would have been wonderful if Mr. Landauer had not been running against such a strong supporter of ours.  We would happily work to get Mr. Landauer elected if he were running against someone else... like Rep Jim Hill for example!


District 4
Newport area

Alan Brown (R). 
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Terry Thompson (D). WON Mr. Thompson was a Co-Sponsor of last session's helmet repeal bill and has voted in favor of Motorcyclists rights bills in the past 
Karl Sorg (Socialist).  Scary....


District 5
Hillsboro area
Unsupportive Incumbent

Jim Hill (R) Is not a friend of Motorcyclists rights and is therefore not recommended for re-election.  Mr. Hill has consistently voted against our bills even though, in his own words, "nobody" from his District has asked him to vote against the helmet law repeal but hundreds of his Constituents have called and written asking him to vote for it!  Prior to his term in Salem, Mr. Hill was an assistant to Senator Hamby.  Like we did with anti-Motorcyclist Republicans Jeanette Hamby and Ken Baker,  Bikers need to get rid of Politicians like Mr. Hill.  Click HERE to register your complaint regarding Mr. Hill's voting record!  Finding a suitable, Pro-Biker Candidate (ideally a Republican) for District 5 will be a high priority for us in 2000.


District 6
Beaverton area
Unsupportive Incumbent

K (R) WON House Majority Whip has voted against our bills in the past.  Mr. Strobeck is reportedly the Public Affairs Director for Blue Cross Blue Shield and collects a full paycheck from them while serving in the Legislature.   It's not hard to understand why Mr. Strobeck votes against our bills, considering his clear conflict of interest!  I'm pretty sure Mr. Strobeck term limits out next time around.  Amazingly (to me, at least), Mr. Strobeck is an endorsed Motorcyclists who regularly rides his BMW!  Click HERE to register your complaint against Mr. Strobeck's voting record.
Dave Gil (D)  Mr. Gil is a DPO PCP who filled in to run for this seat when Ed McGuire dropped out.  Even by Democrat standards, Mr. Gill is an odd fellow.  It's pretty unlikely that Mr. Gil is going to present a serious challange to Rep. Strobeck.


District 7
Portland/Beaverton area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Bill Witt (R) - A Conservative Republican and small business Owner who lives in Cedar Hills (near my neighborhood).  Mr. Witt ran unsuccessfully for Congress several years ago.  Bill committed that he would vote for mandatory helmet repeal for riders over 18.  I think that Bikers can count on strong support from Representative Witt throughout his political career.  Click HERE to visit Bill's homepage.

Running unopposed


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 8
Beaverton area
Unsupportive Incumbent



District 9
Tigard area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Max Williams (R).  Max has been a very good friend and super supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  Rep. Williams gets my enthusiastic recommendation for re-election.
Dan Vander Ploeg (Libertarian), like most Libertarians believes strongly in the concept of freedom in America.  While Mr. Vander Ploeg wears his seat belt and helmet as a matter of choice, he feels that it is totally inappropriate for Government to mandate such actions.  Mr. Vander Ploeg would vote for and would Co-Sponsor our legislation.  He also favors the repeal of seat belt laws and opposes speed limits.


* * * Key Election * * *
District 10
Clackamas area
Supportive Incumbent

Michael J. Smith (D) has no issue with preventing Government from forcing Citizens to wear safety equipment they don't want to.  However, Mr. Smith has very strong feelings about honoring the will of the people and stated that he would not vote against anything (e.g. the mandatory helmet law) that was enacted as a result of a vote of the people.  Therefore, Mr. Smith would not support anything other than a ballot initiative to get rid of the helmet law. 
Jon Zimmer (Libertarian) like most Libertarians, favors the repeal of the mandatory helmet law.  Unfortunately, there is no way that we could support anyone other than the GOP Majority Leader for this seat.


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 11
SW Portland area
Unsupportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Joshua Poulson (Libertarian).   Mr. Poulson has ridden motorcycles in the past and would favor the repeal of the mandatory helmet law.  He has committed to giving  speeches in favor of our legislation and other freedom issues on the House floor.  Mr. Poulson also favors the repeal of the mandatory seat belt law.  Volunteers should contact Mr. Poulson via E-mail to volunteer time, money and moral support.  Click HERE to visit Mr. Poulson's homepage.
Anitra Rasmussen (D) is not recommended for re-election!  Ms. Rasmussen has consistently voted against us in the past and has a  hostile attitude towards Motorcyclists and many motorcycle rights issues.


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 12
Portland Sellwood area
Unsupportive Incumbent

Chris Beck (D) has voted against our bills and is not recommended for re-election.  Rep. Beck has a history of voting on the wrong side of many issues.  Like many Democrats, Mr. Beck is antagonistic towards the "wealthy"  .. i.e. anyone who has a job.  I am amazed that there isn't even a Republican Challenger to Mr. Beck's terrible record!!
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  H. Joe Tabor (Libertarian).  No surprises here!  Mr. Tabor is pro-choice on just about everything.  Mr. Tabor committed to voting for and Co-Sponsoring our legislation if elected.  He also committed to giving speeches on the floor when it comes time to vote on our bills.  District 12 is 25% Republican, 25% Independent and 50% Democrat.  Mr. Tabor is in a win-able campaign and can use all of the Volunteer help he can get.  We would want to support a Candidate like this even if he wasn't running against a zero like Chris Beck.  Call 274-8918 to volunteer time, money or moral support.


District 13
Portland area

Dan Gardner (D) does not have our recommendation.  Mr. Gardner has voted against Motorcyclist rights bills in the past and is a guaranteed no vote for any helmet law amendment legislation.  Rep. Gardner would likely become the Speaker of the House should the Demos hold the majority.  While I enthusiastically support many fine Democrat Legislative Candidates, it would be devastating to our cause if Mr. Gardner should become Speaker.

Running unopposed


District 14
Southeast Portland area

Diane Rosenbaum (D)  is not recommended for re-election.  She is a guaranteed no vote for any helmet law amendment legislation. 
Andrew Nisbet (R). Mr. Nisbet says he is a very anti "Big Brother" type Government Republican who is running an uphill race in a heavily Democratic District.  He claims to be very firm on individual rights provided that there is a corresponding level of responsibility on the part of those demanding such freedom.  Mr. Nisbet stated that he is not intuitively in favor of mandatory helmet laws yet would favor diminished insurance/health benefits for those who chose to ride free.  Mr. Nisbet would probably vote for our legislation but would likely support and perhaps even require the kinds of punitive amendments that Ken Baker placed on HB2454 in committee last session.  It would be hard for us to give our recommendation to such a lukewarm supporter especially since Ms. Rosenbaum (who has agreed to keep an open mind about our issues) is likely to be elected.
Gary Dye (Libertarian).  Withdrawn
Stan Kahn (Pacific Party). No information at this time.


District 15
Southeast Portland area
Unsupportive Incumbent




* * * Key Election * * *
District 16
Southeast Portland area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Jeff Merkley (D) is a super supporter and receives my strongest endorsement for re-election.  Rep. Merkley is one of the best Legislators down in Salem.
  Cletus Moore (R) LOST has spent most of his lifetime building and managing organizations which provide services to the community using PRIVATE funds.  Cletus believes that social welfare programs ought to help people to be come self sufficient rather than just handing out checks every Month.   Mr. Moore is a moderate Republican and has significant philosophical differences with Frank Shields-type Liberals (as most of us do).  Cletus would vote for a mandatory helmet repeal bill.  We did not discuss whether he would Co-Sponsor such legislation.  In my opinion, Mr. Moore is clearly the better of the two Candidates running for this office.


District 17
North Portland

Gary Hansen (D). Mr. Hansen is not recommended for re-election.  Rep. Hansen is a guaranteed no vote for any helmet law amendment legislation.
Melinda Benson Wilde (D) is the Wife of Senator Tom Wilde, a long time supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  Melinda has attended several ABATE Chapter meetings.  We enthusiastically supported Ms. Wilde for this office.   Her loss in the Primary was a major hit for us.  We hope that we will see Ms. Wilde's candidacy again in the year 2000 election.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)   Marian Barnett (R) LOST would support mandatory helmet law repeal for Riders over 18.   Mr. Barnett has ridden motorcycles in California and didn't like wearing helmets.   Favors more restrictions on Motorists because many of them don't seem to know how to drive (without killing Bikers).  Favors single person/single liability insurance policies.  You can volunteer to work on his campaign by calling 285-7853.


District 18
Northeast Portland area

Deborah Kafoury (D).  Rep. Kafoury has turned out to be a good friend and supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  We recommend her for re-election.
Herb Booth (Libertarian) Mr. Booth supports repeal of the mandatory helmet law.   He is a professional Carpenter and has been quite busy with the "building boom"...and hasn't had a lot of time to work on his campaign.  He is counting on Mr. Gonzalez to fragment the vote enough among Black Democrats to give him the majority.   As an admitted outsider, it seems to me that it would be exceedingly difficult to beat someone running for political office in Portland who's last name was Kafoury.


District 19
Northeast Portland
Unsupportive Incumbent




District 20
Gresham/Troutdale area
Unsupportive Incumbent's Spouse!!

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Karen Minnis (R),  is the Wife of Portland Police Detective and State Senator John Minnis.  To be kind, Mr. Minnis was not very kind to Motorcyclists during his years holding this seat, going so far as to be one of the few Legislators who voted against our Team Oregon funding bill!  In 1998, Ms. Minnis said that she supported the current helmet law but also said that she would not try to rally the Troops to try to kill our legislation.  Ms. Minnis said that she strongly supports Rider education. Ms. Minnis does not favor further controls on gun ownership.  Considering her Husband's openly hostile attitude towards us, I couldn't see her voting for our legislation.  During our conversation, Ms. Minnis impressed upon me that she was her own person and would not be letting her Husband influence her vote.  Over the past 2 Legislative sessions, she has been true to her work.  Rep. Minnis has turned out to be a very good friend and supporter and may have even gotten Mr. Minnis to tone it down some.  Rep. Minnis receives our hearty endorsement and support for re-election.


District 21
Southeast Portland area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Senator Randy Leonard (D)  reached the term limit for his District 9 Senate seat and is running for District 21 Rep.  Rep. Leonard is a super supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  Mr. Leonard is a professional Firefighter who has earned our thanks and enthusiastic support.
Michael Cargill (R). Mr. Cargill opposes mandatory helmet laws. Mr. Cargill is a very, very good Candidate for us... however, because of Mr. Leonard's strong support in the past, we are honor-bound to recommend him for election.  Nevertheless, it is nice to have 2 good Candidates to choose from!


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 22
Gresham area
Supportive Incumbent

Laurie Monnes Anderson (D). Ms. Anderson strongly opposes gun ownership by American Citizens and would love to see a repeal of our second amendment rights.   She is a member of the Oregon Nurses Ass'n and the Association of Oregon Public Health Nurse Supervisors -- She is the Director of the Oregon School Board Association and a member of the School Board, Gresham-Barlow School District.  This translates into someone who is typically adamantly anti-freedom when it comes to motorcycle helmets and pro tax to the max when it comes to promoting Government's ability to put their hands in your pockets.  Ms. Anderson is a crummy Legislator who we woudl very much like to see go away.


District 23
Canby area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Sharon Rao (R)  LOST It's nice to have two good Candidates to choose from!  Mrs.(she was the one who insisted I address her as Mrs.!)  Rao is Pro-Freedom to the max.  Her response to my 2nd Amendment question was, "don't even try to take my gun!".  Mrs. Rao is very concerned about potential abuses that will result from Government lists of gun owners.  Mrs. Rao feels that law abiding Citizens should not be hindered when exercising their constitutional rights to own and carry guns.  Mrs. Rao grew up riding motorcycles and sees mandatory helmet laws as a liberty issue.  Mrs. Rao would support mandatory helmet law repeal for Adult Riders.  While both Candidates are very attractive, Mrs. Rao edged out Mr. Schrader for our recommendation because of our concern that the GOP must maintain a majority in the House.
Kurt Schrader (D) has the BikePAC endorsement for re-election because of his past, strong support.  It's great to have 2 good Candidates to chose from in this District....  I wish that Kurt would run against someone like Frank Shields though...


District 24
Lake Oswego area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Stan Ash (R) LOST Mr. Ash said that he would probably vote our way but gave no guarantees.  I guess this is better than voting for someone who is a guaranteed no vote, as is Mr. Ash's (D) Opponent.  Mr. Ash is surprisingly (to me) liberal for a (R) running in Lake O.   Mr. Ash has bought into the Government lies that helmetless Bikers cost the Taxpayers money ostesibly because we are irresponsible, uninsured Hoodlums.  Even a cursory look at the facts will completely debunk this myth. In fairness to the Candidate though, he told me that he hadn't even thought about helmet laws until I contacted him, so perhaps once he knows the facts, he will be a lot more supportive. Facts about motorcycle safety is what this web site is about!  In any case, I feel that Candidate Ash is someone who is electable and is someone who we could probably work with.  Mr. Ash is a member of teh NRA.  To volunteer to work on his campaign, call his HQ @ 246-8953
Richard Devlin (D) has consistently voted against our legislation in the past and is therefore not recommended for re-election.   In addition to Mr. Devlin's anti-freedom positions, he is a staunch supporter of the fiscally out of control and outrageously mismanaged ODOT.  Mr. Devlin thinks that they are doing a fine job and could do an even better job if the Taxpayers just gave them some more money.  Mr. Devlin is a terrible Jim Hill style Legislator.  We would very much like to see him go away.
David Vessell (Libertarian).  Like most Libertarians, Mr. Vessell is strong on freedom in America.  Click HERE to visit his homepage.  The GOP has a 16% registration advantage in this District and the Democratic Candidate is an incumbent.  While Mr. Vessell could well be a very attractive Candidate for us, realistically, it seems unlikely that he could win this election.  I am personally supporting the Candidate with financial contributions and volunteer work.


* * * Key Election * * *
District 25
Milwaukie area
Supportive Incumbent

Tom Civiletti (D). Mr. Civiletti said that he does not have a strong opinion on helmet law repeal one way or another but thought that since seat belt use is compulsory in Oregon, helmet use should be also.   Mr. Civiletti stated, "My position would change if I had compelling evidence that helmets are not good protection or that they contribute to increased accidents."  


District 26
Milwaukie area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Kathy Lowe (D). Rep. Lowe is a good personal friend and has been a super supporter of Motorcyclist issues and has even voted for our helmet bills even though she has personal history that makes this a difficult vote for her.  Ya gotta love a Law Maker who shows up to Diesel Dave's birthday party, right?  Ms. Lowe is a wonderful, dedicated, honest and hard working Legislator.  I will happily endorse her re-election and will support her campaigns in any way that my help is needed.


District 27
Wilsonville area

Andrea Hungerford (D).  Ms. Hungerford supports mandatory helmet laws for adults.  She also favors mandatory use of trigger locks for firearms.  One wonders how I will be able to protect myself from Criminals if I have to go hunting for the key at 3 am before I can defend myself against an armed intruder in my home.  Ms. Hungerford declined to participate in project vote smart.  Not much for freedom loving Americans to support here.
 Jerry Krummel (R). Mr. Krummel is a guaranteed no vote on our helmet law amendment legislation but seems to support us on everything else we have presented.  Rep. Krummel is a member of the House Transportation committee... a bad place to have a guaranteed no vote.


District 28
Molalla area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Roger Beyer (R) WON Receives our enthusiastic support and BikePAC's endorsement for re-election
Stu Rasmussen (D). Mr. Rasmussen is pro-choice to the max.  He stated, "I am against government commanding citizens to do things 'for their own good'.... I believe in giving people all the facts about an issue and then letting them decide for themselves how to proceed... after all, whose life is it anyway?  On the other hand, if a person decides to do something that ends up costing other taxpayers money, then that _is_ a subject for government action...".  He goes on to say, "I would vote against mandatory helmet laws, but would require an 'informed consent' at the time of motorcycle endorsement stating that the applicant understands the consequences of wearing/not wearing a helmet and accepts financial responsibility for hir [sic] actions.".  Because of Mr. Beyer's past, strong support, we must in turn support his re-election.  However, it is nice to have two pro-freedom Candidates to choose from.


District 29
McMinnville area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Leslie Lewis (R) WON receives our enthusiastic support and has been endorsed by BikePAC
Joseph Navari (D). No information is available at this time.  Mr. Navari refused to participate in project vote smart.
William Peter Allen (I).  It is unclear if this person is still a Candidate.


District 30
Scio area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Rep. Larry Wells (R) has our most enthusiastic support and BikePAC's endorsement for re-election

Running unopposed


District 31
Unsupportive Incumbent
Salem Chapter ABATE

Bryan Johnston (D) has consistently voted against our bills and is not recommended for re-election!  Since the primary, Mr. Johnson has resigned.  Loren Collins is now the Democrat running for this seat.  No information is available at this time. Mr. Collins filed too late to participate in project vote smart.  503 362-7786 or 365-0875.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Jackie Winters (R). Ms. Winters belongs to an impressive list of Organizations including Marion and Polk County President, United Way,  President of the Salem Chapter NAACP and member of the Goodwill Industries of OR Board of Directors.  She supports 2nd Amendment rights including the right to carry concealed.  Ms. Winters is tough on crime and feels that State Government already collects more than enough taxes to provide needed services.  Rep. Winters has consistently voted for our legislation and therefore receives our enthusiastic recommendation for re-election.


* * * Key Election * * *
District 32
Salem area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Kevin Mannix (R) WON has been friendly towards motorcyclists rights bills in the past.  He believes strongly in personal freedom and personal responsibility.  He has committed to Co-Sponsoring our legislation and to giving speeches for us on the House floor.  Mr. Mannix is currently completing Shirley Stull's Senate seat term.  Mr. Mannix, when elected, will surely be a major player in motorcycle rights legislation next session!  Call (503) 391-1971 to volunteer time, money and moral support.
George Bell (D).  Mr.Bell is pretty much anti-freedom all the way.  Mr. Bell supports the current mandatory helmet law, saying that it is "inconvenient" but that like seatbelts in cars, it's effective in preventing serious head injuries, which often are costly to the
individual and to society.  Mr. Bell is endorsed by OAGV, an Organization dedicated to repealing your second amendment rights.


District 33
Salem area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Vic Backlund (R).  Rep Backlund has been a consistent supporter of our legislation and receives our endorsement for re-election.
Rick Stucky (D).  Mr. Stucky favors retaining the mandatory helmet law.  He stated, "I had a personal experience in Colorado, in 1985, where my helmet saved me from serious head injuries. My motorcycle slide on a patch of gravel, I was thrown and landed on my head and shoulders. I was able to walk away with gravel in my skin and a large dent in my helmet. I would vote for helmet usage."  Mr. Stucky does not currently ride or have a motorcycle endorsement.  Mr. Stucky was a very inexperienced Rider at the time of his accident with only 2 years of riding experience.  He told me he had just completed a Rider training course before the accident occurred.  Offhand, I'd say that Team Oregon does a lot better job training new Riders than what Mr. Stucky experienced.


District 34
Monmouth area
Unsupportive Incumbent

Lane Shetterly (R) WON is not recommended for re-election due to his consistent anti-Motorcyclist voting record.  Like Jeanette Hamby and Ken Baker, who Bikers worked hard to defeat in the Primary, Mr. Shetterly is a Candidate that this Republican cannot support.  Click HERE to register your complaint regarding Mr. Shetterly's voting record.
David Sherman (D). No information is available at this time.  Mr. Sherman refused to participate in project vote smart.


District 35
Corvallis area

Barbara Ross (D) does not have our recommendation as she has voted against Motorcyclists rights bills in the past.

Running unopposed


District 36
Albany area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Betsy Close (R) has been a solid supporter of Motorcyclists issues and was teh featured Speaker at STEAM several years ago. You couldn't ask for a better friend in the Legislature.  Ms. Close is endorsed by the NRA and has a carry concealed permit.
John Donovan (D). is a very nice guy who said that he would vote for our legislation.  While I think that he would probably do fine in the Legislature, tehre is no way that we could turn our backs on our good friend Rep. Close.  Perhaps John would like to move to Hillsboro and run against Jim Hill?


District 37
Lebanon area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Jeff Kropf (R)  is a volunteer Fire Captain who strongly encourages the use of helmets.  Mr. Kropf is solidly pro-choice with regard to helmet laws.  He stated, "If the issue is the burden on the rest of us taxpayers when a helmetless rider is hurt and has no insurance, then perhaps there is some solution to that particular objection". Mr. Kropf is an adamant defender of our constitutional rights to make a choice as adults, since we are aware of the risks involved.   The following statement by Mr. Kropf pretty much sums up his views of what being an American means, "our freedoms have been bought with the blood of so many Americans who have come before us and we can never be timid about standing up for what is right."  Rep, Kropf has done an excellent job down in Salem and receives our most enthusiastic recommendation for re-election.
Dan Wilkerson (D).  Mr. Wilkerson is a career Firefighter who feels that the benefits of legislation such as the mandatory helmet law are hard to gauge.  Mr. Wilkerson states that it is his experience that motorcycle helmets do not necessarily increase accident survivability.   Mr. Wilkerson feels that the Government should stay out of people's lives as much as possible but is unsure how he would vote on a helmet law repeal bill.  He stated that he does lean towards personal choice on this issue.


District 38
Woodburn area

Frank Lonergan (D). Mr. Lonergan believes that motorcycle helmets are integral to saving lives but also thinks that their usage should be voluntary.  Mr. Lonergan would support helmet law repeal for Riders over 18.  Click HERE to view the Candidates homepage.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)   Juley Gianella (R). WON Patti Milne (former District 38 Rep) says that Ms. Gianella will support our issues.  Ms. Gianella said that motorcycle rights are not something that she has given a lot of though to, but that she is generally not in favor of a lot of rules and regulations.  She seemed to be pro-choice about most things and I got the feeling that she would vote for our bills if elected.  She is running a very "shoestring" campaign, without a lot of money for advertising and so on.   Volunteers would be greatly appreciated.


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 39
Eugene area
Unsupportive Incumbent

Kitty Piercy (D) is not recommended for re-election....makes me wonder why so many Bikers are registered Democrats!!  If the GOP loses control of the House, Ms. Piercy is likely to be the next Speaker.  If this happens, expect that none of our bills will ever come out of committee.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)   Jim Seaberry (R)LOST Mr. Seaberry's candidacy is a clear choice for Motorcyclists in Oregon  Mr. Seaberry has had motorcycle endorsements in the past and is familiar with motorcycles and motorcycling issues.  Mr. Seaberry is strong on gun owners rights and was the President of the California Rifle & Pistol Assoc. when he lived there.  Mr. Seaberry has committed to supporting the repeal of the mandatory helmet law.  Mr. Seaberry feels strongly that Insurance Companies ought to stay out of the law enforcement business and feels that their support for helmet laws is nothing more than a ploy to increase their "bottom line".   He also feels that Government support for helmet laws is motivated by their desire to increase their ticket writing revenue.   Call (541) 461-3945 to volunteer time, money or moral support to the campaign.
Bob Fauvre (Libertarian).  No information at this time, however most Libertarians are very strong on freedom in America.


* * * Key Election * * *
District 40
Eugene area
Unsupportive Incumbent

Floyd Prozanski (D) is not recommended for re-election because of his consistent, anti-choice voting record.....makes me wonder why so many Bikers are registered Democrats!!
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  John Pearson (R) LOST Mr. Pearson is another Bob Avery write in Candidate.  He could hardly be a worse choice for us than the Incumbent.  Mr. Pearson committed to Co-Sponsoring and voting for our legislation.  He also supports 2nd Amendment rights (once I told him what rights the 2nd Amendment gives us....).  Mr. Pearson is not at all versed in Government or State legislative operations.  He is running a very uphill race in a district where only 24% of the Voters are registered Republican.  Mr. Pearson does not have but is badly in need of a Campaign Manager (and $$$).....  IMO, it is pretty unlikely that Mr. Pearson will be elected unless he gets serious about his campaign.
Donna Frazier (Socialist Party).  Only in Eugene would a Socialist file to run...


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 41
Eugene area

Vicki Walker (D). Rep Walker receives our vote for being the worst Legislator in Salem.  She is openly hostile and antagonistic towards Motorcyclists.  So much so, that Bagger Bob Avery found a Republican run against her, mounted an impressive write in campaign to get him on the ballot.  Ms. Walker won re-election on a razor thin margin.  Had she not been so disrespectful to us in committee and during her floor speeches, it is highly likely that she would have run unopposed for re-election.  We need to work harder this time to get rid of this turkey.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Norm Fox (R). LOST According to Bob Avery, we can count on Mr. Fox's support if he is elected.   I have not had the opportunity to speak with him directly yet.  You may visit Mr. Fox's homepage by clicking HERE.


District 42
Springfield area

William Morrisette (D). Mr. Morrisette is soft on crime, weak on 2nd Amendment rights, favors increased taxes and sees increased Government spending as a solution to many problems.  Mr. Morrisette believes that employment, Government contracting and University admissions should give preference to non-White Candidates and to females.  Mr. Morrisette states, "No youth should be expelled from school without a alternative form of state financed education".  If that wasn't reason enough to dump this cluck, he is a guaranteed no vote for our helmet law amendment legislation.

Running unopposed


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 43
Eugene area
Supportive Incumbent

Earl Hain (D). Supports the current mandatory helmet law.  Had a friend who crashed his bike, yadda yadda yadda....  I wonder how come only Democrats know Motorcyclists who are inept...   Click HERE to visit Mr. Hain's homepage.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)   Jim Welsh (R) WON has proven himself to be a strong supporter of Motorcyclists rights and receives our very enthusiastic recommendation as well as the endorsement of BikePAC.  Mr. Welsh has recently stated that he sees no reason to discontinue his support.  I did ask him about gun control this time around, to which he responded, "Guns? I am a strong second amendment supporter. I will defend our right and fight to keep and bear arms, all arms, any that I want to own, or you want to own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with law abiding citizens owning firearms, including firearms used by the United States Military. I have told folks lately that I will be one of the first to dump the tea back into the harbor if the laws restrict my gun ownership! Any questions on where I stand now?".  Nope - I sure don't!!  You may visit Representative Welsh's homepage by clicking HERE.


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 44
Springfield area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Ed Kemp (R). LOST "I'm opposed to them [mandatory helmet laws], but as long as John Kitzhaber is Governor I doubt we have any chance of changing them as it would require approving a law over his veto.."  Click HERE to visit Mr. Kemp's homepage.
Al King (D). Mr. King is a guaranteed no vote for our helmet law amendment legislation.


District 45
Roseburg area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Jeff Kruse (R) is a supporter of Motorcyclists Rights and is recommended for re-election.  Mr. Kruse has earned the endorsement of BikePAC.

Running unopposed


* * * Key Election * * *
District 46
Roseburg area

  Victor Corchero (D). LOST Mr. Corchero is an endorsed motorcycle rider who wears a helmet... by choice.  Mr. Corchero stated that he feels that Motorcyclists have a right to ride helmetless, if that is what they want to do.  Mr. Corchero went on to say, "If individuals accept the consequences of their actions as we all should, we do not need helmet laws. If we were to walk barefooted, we could stub our toe. I am also OK with bare feet.".  It is very refreshing to hear pro-freedom opinions from a Democrat!   Click HERE to visit Mr. Corchero's homepage.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Susan Morgan (R). is a very good friend and supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  Rep. Morgan receives our enthusiastic recommendation for re-election.


Key Election!!!
District 47
Coos Bay area
Unsupportive Incumbent

Mike Lehman (D) has voted against our bills and is not recommended for re-election....makes me wonder why so many Bikers are registered Democrats!!
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Marlee Newton (R) LOST has attended several South Coast ABATE meetings and appears to be very supportive of our issues.


District 48
Coos Bay area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Ken Messerle (R) WON Receives our strong support for re-election and has earned BikePAC's endorsement.
Jon Litty (I). No information available


* * * Key Election * * *
District 49
Grants Pass area

Candice Bartow (D). This is Repine's old District, where he was a weak supporter. Ms. Bartow stated, "I am extremely concerned about the ongoing cost to taxpayers and families of head injury victims. While the vast majority of people that ride motorcycles or bicycles or roller blades etc. do not have accidents and certainly not head injury accidents the ones that do have injuries that last a life time, require on going medical and family attention as well as disability costs. Therefore, I do believe helmets should be essential to those that ride motorcycles."  I'll take that to mean that Ms. Bartow is not pro-choice or pro-freedom.  Ms. Bartow is extremely anti-second amendment and does not think that any American Citizen ought to be allowed to own a gun.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)   Carl Wilson (R).  Mr. Wilson is an endorsed, Goldwing Rider who has ridden motorcycles for 30 years.  There is a picture of a gorgeous blue panhead dresser in his office.  Mr. Wilson has been a super supporter of Motorcyclists issues and receives our thanks and solid support for re-election.
Jack Alan Brown, Jr (I).  A libertarian who strongly favors the repeal of mandatory helmet laws.  Mr. Brown's homepage is a "must visit".  Click HERE to go there.  Reading what Mr. Brown stands for, we could easily support his candidacy for this office, especially over the Democratic hopeful.  Mr. Wilson slightly edges out Mr. Brown for our recommendation only because major party candidates tend to be more electable than Independents.  While Mr. Brown would likely do a great job in Salem, we are concerned that he may siphon enough votes away from Wilson to cause Ms. Bartow to win.  We can think of a half dozen races that we would much rather see Mr. Brown running in, where his Opponent would be truly anti-choice and anti-Bill of Rights.  To help with Mr. Brown's campaign, call (541) 474-9343
Thomas Heck (I)


District 50
Medford area

Melody Kolb (D). Ms. Kolb is endorsed by OAGV, an Organization dedicated to repealing your second amendment rights.  Ms. Kolb favors increased taxes and increased Government spending in most areas.
WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Rob Patridge (R) has been a good friend and supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  He receives our enthusiastic recommendation for re-election.


District 51
Medford area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Jason Atkinson (R).  Jason is the Son of Perry Atkinson, the GOP Vice Chair.  Mr. Atkinson is an endorsed motorcycle owner.   Mr. Atkinson is one of the few Candidates we have seen who favors across the board tax cuts in every area.
Lon Holston (D). This is Johnson's old District, where he was not a supporter of our issues.  Mr. Holston stated, "I believe in the will of the voter. I also believe that we should as educated adults have the right to make our own choices. In concept I AGREE WITH YOU [that mandatory helmet laws should be repealed]. I would need to see the written bill to say I would support it."
Tuzeday Wray (Libertarian). No information is available at this time, however most Libertarians are very strong on freedom in America.


* * * Key Election * * *
District 52
Ashland area
Unsupportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Jane Hunts (R)  seems to be pro-motorcycle and has had some dialogue with area Bikers.  She was very wishy-washy about how she would vote on our bill though.  We recommended her because her Opponent is a guaranteed "no" vote.


District 53
Klamath Falls area

Steve Harper (R).  Voted against our legislation in the past and therefore is not recommended for re-election.
Dotti Shaffer (D). LOST Ms. Shaffer is endorsed by OAGV, an Organization dedicated to repealing your second amendment rights.


District 54
Bend area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Tim Knopp (R). WON Supports helmet law repeal.  Mr. Knopp said, "I don't support a mandatory helmet law for adults because its an issue of individual freedom. I believe we must return to a time when lawmakers trust citizens to make their own choices. Citizens don't trust government because government has failed to trust citizens."  All three Candidates seem to be strong on pro-choice/pro-freedom issues.  We have given our recommendation to Mr. Knopp in the hopes that his election will help maintain the GOP majority in the House that is so important to us.  It is a shame that 2 of these very good Candidates will not be serving in Salem next session.
Elli Work (D) has a BikePAC recommendation.  Ms. Work is a former Officer in the Military and strongly supports 2nd Amendment rights.  She would support the repeal of the mandatory helmet law and sees motorcycle safety as a matter of choice not legislation.   Ms. Work seems to be very much of a "Government out of your life" Candidate.  When I spoke with Mr. Wagoner, he told me that if he wasn't running, he would be working for Ms. Work's campaign.  Strong praise for a Democrat coming from a Libertarian, I think.  I do not disagree with BikePACs recommendation choice at all... however I feel that it is vital that the GOP maintain a House majority in this election which makes the (R) Candidate slightly more attractive to us than Ms. Work.   I think that the Bend area will be well represented, no matter who wins.   Perhaps Ms. Work would like to relocate to Portland?  Click HERE to visit Elli's homepage.
Curt Wagoner (Libertarian) Like most Libertarians, Mr. Wagoner fully supports freedom in America.  It's nice to have several good Candidates to choose from.  Call (541) 536-2877 to offer money, effort and moral support.


District 55
Bend area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Ben Westlund (R) is strongly recommended for re-election and has earned BikePAC's endorsement. 


* * * Key Priority One Election * * *
District 56
Hood River area
Very Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes) Bob Montgomery (R) WON is a very strong supporter of Motorcyclists rights and receives our most energetic support for re-election!   Bob has been a solid supporter of our legislation and has given speeches to support our bills.  He can always be counted on to participate in events such as "Biker Days" at the Capitol.  Representative Montgomery, along with Ken Ray and Bob Avery, is the reason why the GOP party platform now includes the objective of repealing the mandatory helmet law!  We owe Bob Montgomery a LOT!!
Paul Zastrow (D). Another ^*)&%) EMT running for office!  Mr. Zastrow gave me a very detailed and thoughtful response for his position regarding mandatory helmet laws.  Mr. Zastrow stated that he feels that education and experience are a much bigger contributor to motorcycle safety than helmet laws and went on to say that he generally does not favor mandatory [safety] laws.  However, Mr. Zastrow has bought into the Government's misleading information that helmetless Riders cost Taxpayers big bucks.   NHTSA's campaign of lies has been very effective.  Mr. Zastrow would favor educating automobile drivers so that they would learn how to see us and mentioned a graduated license scheme for motorcyclists which would grant  helmetless riding privileges to experienced Riders.  Obviously, we could never support anyone who was running against Mr. Montgomery...however, as Democrats go, Mr. Zastrow is fairly moderate in his politics.  Perhaps if he were running in another District, we could support him.   And perhaps not, as Mr. Zastrow is endorsed by OAGV, an Organization dedicated to repealing your second amendment rights.


District 57
Pendleton area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Vern Kube (R). LOST No information is available at this time.  Mr. Kube refused to participate in project vote smart.  Our support is more out of our lack of desire to see Mr. Jensen back in Salem next session than it is about anything Mr. Kube has said or done in support of our issues.
Bob Jensen (R)  Was a Democrat, then an Independent and now a Republican.  Mr. Jensen is a guaranteed no vote for our helmet law amendment legislation.


District 58
Northeastern Oregon area
Supportive Incumbent

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Mark Simmons (R) receives our enthusiastic re-election support and has been endorsed by BikePAC



District 59
Supportive Incumbent
Baker, Crook, Grant, Wheeler, Gilliam, Morrow Counties

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)   Lynn Lundquist (R) WON is a powerful and consistent supporter of motorcyclist rights.  Rep. Lundquist has our strongest support and recommendation.  While Representative Lundquist's re-election is pretty well assured, his continued role as Speaker of the House is not.   This is why we need to get the *RIGHT* Republicans elected and dump the GOP Politicians (e.g. Hill, Strobeck, etc.) who do not support the notion of freedom in America.  Click HERE to view the Speaker's homepage.
Sue Greer (D). Reportedly has withdrawn.


District 60
Southeastern Oregon area

WB01372_1.gif (406 bytes)  Tom Butler (R).  Mr. Butler, who currently holds a motorcycle operator endorsement,  is a super supporter of Motorcyclists issues.  Mr. Butler is pretty much anti big brother Government all the way.  Since Mr. Butler's election is assured, he has been working to get other conservative, non-government-interference Candidates elected in November.  We wish him the very best of luck as that is our goal too!  Rep. Butler has our strong support for re-election.

Running unopposed

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