What differentiates 

Easyrider LAN Pro  

from other options?


The Technician others will send to your site will customarily be collecting only a fraction of the rate you are paying to have the work done!! You may be paying $180 per hour to have the work done but only $25 - $30 per hour of that money is actually making it to the Tech doing the work. Do you want your money to go to the Engineer who will actually be doing the work or to the company brokering the arrangement?

Easyrider LAN Pro value prices our rates
Easyrider LAN Pro only charges for the value of the work that we do for you

General projects that interest us run around $50 per hour
UNIX Administration runs around $75 per hour
UNIX Systems Engineering Development work runs around $125 per hour
BMC Patrol, HP Openview, IBM Tivoli NOC designs run around $125-$150 per hour
We are home based in Portland, Oregon but we will go where ever your project is
Per diem expenses are additional


Do you want a Contractor who will "pass the buck" or just give up if a problem is encountered beyond his/her area of expertise?  Do you want "expert" recommendations that only consider products that the VAR or Software Vendor offers?


Do you want recommendations and solution options that are best for your individual situation?

Easyrider LAN Pro is an independent contract consulting company. We will provide the unbiased advice you need and depend on!


Easyrider LAN Pro has:


If you aren't happy with our services, you can always pay the other guys lots more money later on!

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