Easyrider(tm) responds to
Governor Kitzhaber's Testimony

Governor Kitzhaber,

As the Governor, you have an opportunity to cast your vote regarding bills when they come to your desk. If you don't like a bill, you get to veto it. If there is enough support in the Legislature, they can over ride your veto. This is how our system works.

It was totally inappropriate for you to use your position to actively lobby the members of the House Transportation Committee against SB583. And in particular, it was wrong of you to misrepresent the conclusions of the Oregon Health Policy Institute study which stated none of the things that you claimed as facts in your testimony.

I can't say that your political treachery made any difference as far as my personal opinion of your performance is concerned. I have always considered you to be a tax and regulate liberal and one of the worst Governors in Oregon's history. I worked to elect Bill Sizemore and worked against several anti-freedom Democrats in Statewide elections.

When you vetoed our helmet bill last session, you upset many Motorcyclists because you negated 2 years of very hard work that they had put in to get the bill to your desk. Your veto translated into a lot of volunteer help to get GOP Candidates elected this term. Hopefully, one of the byproducts of your blatant abuse of power this session will be that many more of our members will be angered and will work even harder to unseat Democratic Party Socialists who have no concept whatever what life in a free Country is supposed to be.

Your slap in the face to thousands of Bikers in Oregon will be a rallying cry come November when we renew our efforts to make Oregon's minority party an even smaller minority.


The Easyrider
State Legislative Director, ABATE of Oregon

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